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obsession name: ASOS Black Jumpsuit with One Shoulder Detail

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why the obsession:

I have a confession to make. I’m kind of a… grandma in some ways. And the only reason why I even say this is because I love, love, love, love, love to sleep and rarely ever stay out past midnight (I mean like once a year, twice, three times is me getting crazy). However, as life goes, there are times when my fabulous group(s) of friends forces me to get my old self outta bed and into the nightlife (whatever nightlife Florida has defined for us, of course, LOL). What I hate about “clubbing” or “bar-hopping” is that it calls for a “certain” type of outfit. Given that I’m also married already and don’t really need to show off the goods anymore, I definitely still want to keep up with my friends and look “sexy ”, but not “overtly sexy” where I might be mistaken for a certain type of profession. Clubs (more than bars), especially, are tricky to dress for in bordering that very fine line. Which is why I’m totally obsessing over this jumpsuit – I think I finally found a go-to-night-out-let’s-go-nuts-tonight outfit!!!!!

I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit for many reasons. One, it’s black, which means that it defies season trends, and I can wear it for many years of non-clubbing to come. I also love it in black because it makes it look formal and dressier than any other color (note: this is VERY IMPORTANT. Mucho importante. Sometimes, depending on the occasion, you may have night-out events that are more formal than others, and this jumpsuit can easily traverse casual and formal events). Second, this outfit says “I’m classy, modern and fashion-forward” without showing off too much skin (remember that fine line we are trying to traverse). How cute is that one-shoulder detail, by the way!!! Totally obsessing. Third, I can easily pile on fun accessories to this outfit. Fourth, the outfit is meant to show off fabulous heels. Fifth, and probably what I appreciate about it the most, is that it LOOKS COMFORTABLE. I can see myself grinding and dancing the night away pretty easily, without worrying about this or that or any other thing about my outfit. It’s a jumpsuit, for crying out loud. Oh, and it’s one outfit – throw it on and grab yourself a drink – you’re ready to par-tay!!! (And did I mention that it’s also appropriate enough to wear it to dinner beforehand too? I loooove that it easily goes from dinner to drinks)

what would I wear with it (for that night out):

Right now, I would totally pair this with a pair of neon yellow heels, a matching neon yellow bracelet cuff and a black leather clutch. And I’d totally be rocking a side fish braid opposite of the one-shoulder detail and a small amount of teased hair. HOTNESS!

where else could I wear this (besides that night out):

Throw on a white blazer, black pumps, vintage pearls (and of course, channeling Coco herself) I would totally wear this in a business-casual work environment, or to a formal lunch. Or, pair this with nude Grecian sandals and a straw tote and you could be off shopping! Endless possibilities…

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Heidi Klum, InStyle Magazine, December 2008 (so it’s not exactly the same jumpsuit, but she looks fabulous in something similar!!)